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We Improve Your Business’ Online Rankings

Fast, TARGETED Results

Improve Your Rankings and GROW

Our main mission is to improve your rankings and grow your business. When you use our lead services you can expect to see more highly targeted Buyer Traffic and more sales within the first week.

Google Rankings and Optimization

Ranking on Google with our special technique gets you FAST results. You get new leads within days, and with our program, YOU can dominate search results.

You Get Ranked for Organic Traffic - NO Ads

Don’t pay for ads ever again! We create custom content for your unique program so that you get new traffic, new leads, and new sales – all  organically!.


Get More Targeted Visitors Faster

SEO is all about getting more visitors, right? But those visitors must be highly targeted, in order to be sure they will buy your products and services. That’s why our work is focused on bringing you not just ANY traffic… we bring you traffic that BUYS!

Our 3 Main Goals

What You Can Expect From Our Team and
Our Vision for Your Business

Your business will be more profitable when you work with us.

Yes, that’s not an overstatement. We deliver on our  promise – when you work with us, your business will rank higher and make more sales. And you just sit back and watch us work. You do nothing.

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We offer a unique program, and we customize the strategy for each and every client.

No two businesses are treated the same. Our team carefully researches your business and decides the best strategy to bring you new customers.

We work with only a handful of clients at any given time, so you are assured of our full attention. This is no cookie cutter operation. You work with an Executive Manager personally..

We Optimize For Both Desktop And Mobile

In 2019, it’s very important to optimize for mobile, as well as desktop computers. Google’s algorithm only ranks  mobile-friendly content. This is up-to-the-minute information, direct from Google.

In order to outrank your competitors, your campaign must perform on every size monitor, especially mobile. We are experts in ranking first page, according to Google’s current algorithm.

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We offer only the safest and most effective lead generation services. No risky ads, no website manipulation, no waiting for results. You get ranked quickly, you get Buyer Traffic within days, and you make more sales this week. It’s  simple as that.

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Our Clients Say…

I have a company that sells t-shirts with custom messages to businesses in New York City. Before using Lionheart SEO services, people who really wanted these t-shirts could not find me anywhere…. So now after using Lionheart SEO for about a year, my business is first in the Manhattan area –  and we just need to keep hiring people to keep up with the orders. I highly recommend this program to anyone selling online! Jordan Raine

Custom T-Shirt Business

My mother and I started an upscale fashion business online. Even though it’s a hot product line, we had a hard time connecting with our niche clients. The problem was that we only create very expensive clothes with very expensive materials. So in order to get the right clients, we needed help to target people with a large discretionary budget. We are so pleased with Lionheart’s services. They delivered as promised, just like they say… Every piece in our line now has back-orders! And we’re planning to expand in 2019. Thank you! Jenny Lewis-Stites

Fashion Business

To take advantage of the opportunity to grow- you must scale online!

Scale Your Business Fast

If you want to develop your company and expand it, you need to scale it! And the only way to do that today, with so many competitors, is to optimize and rank online.

Optimizing for Search Engines will bring you the right Visitors that become Buyers.

Enjoy automated lead generation 24/7, not just 8 hours a day.

Opt in and receive an exclusive report: 

“How to Get Great Customer Reviews

for Your Local Business”

… and help grow your business.

We share insider business development and fast growth tips to your inbox every week.

We GUARANTEE to deliver the results we promise.

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